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Ever wonder what it would be like to be buried alive?
At the 2007 Transworld Halloween show in Chicago we introduced
"The Last Ride"
A Personal, Solo, Extreme Experience involving all the senses.
A Simulated ride to the grave in a wooden casket.
In the Pitch Black lying on your back...
You Hear the Sound... Feel the movement... and Smell the Roses, Dirt, and Decay!
While all your friends watch it on the Casket CAM !
The Cockney gravediggers load you in a hot rod hearse, take a wild ride to the grave site, then they throw you in the hole, and shovel in the dirt until you hear nothing but silence... Then the bugs and creeps attack to a unnerving crescendo, and just when you think all is lost, the lid flies open to a well welcomed breath of fresh air and a
"Welcome Back".

You want the Media to Cover your event?
They just can't stay away from sending
one of their brave reporters
On a trip to the grave!


Figi Mermaid

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Mermaid in tank
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Alien Autopsy

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Alien Doc close up
Dead End Maze

Comes with (65) 4ft.x7ft. 100% steel cage like panels, 1 Chauvet 75w Techno Strobe, mounting hardware in the forms of many angels to allow alot of variation to design and making it interchangable year to year.  Sets up in about 4-5hrs with 2 people.  Stores in compact area.  Proven design used by many attraction owners including Six Flaggs, Blue Mountain Ski Lodge PA, Double M Haunted Hayrides as well as ourselves Haunted Enterprises.   We are a attraction producer as well as a manufacturer of props so we market test everything before releasing it to the public.  This allows us to have all the kinks and troubleshooting worked out prior.   This Dead End Maze has been quoted to turn a profit in the first season when used as a stand alone money maker.  Must ship via freight and fits on 2 pallets.  For shipping quotes just contact us with your zip code and we will price it for you.  We do NOT mark up shipping charges on anything, we are in the halloween business not the shipping business so there is no need to try to make up extra fees and charges on your end.

Please allow up to 2 weeks build time, these attractions are special order.

Advise: As with any public attraction there may be codes and restrictions within your local government that will require you to get a license, inspection etc.  Haunted Enteprises can consult you on general national code but we always suggest you inform yourself about these local codes that may exist in your area.  We are not responsible for and will NOT accept a return do to these circumstances. 




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